Sep 2021 - Key Visuals & Zine.
UCU Playlab is a creative arts lab that supports the development of artists and their practice through process-driven creative play. My role in the project was to develop the key visual, as well as the illustrations for each of the 5 chapters of the program. The idea was to emulate the absurdity/ wildness of creative and unfettered play, in a bid to take these serious art pieces out from behind a museum display cabinet and into a more relatable context.
An Imposter’s Guide to Infiltrating the Arts was born out of an idea to repurpose all my finished character visuals into a zine format since the vibrant colours just looked so good side by side. Since these characters were created to “infiltrate” serious art spaces to make them more playful, I thought of my own journey and how I felt that I had to create very serious art in order to be considered a true artist. It reflects my own imposter syndrome and how everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, feels like they’re “faking it” at some point in their career. I wanted to create a light-hearted homage to that, and also sprinkle in some words of advice to other creatives, to tell them they are not alone.
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